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Organic reasons of erectile dysfunction
over 1 year ago

The stimulates for erectile dysfunction are many. There are usually several factors that are accountable for erectile dysfunction. A basic distinction is made among organic causes, psychological causes, and the side effects of drugs that can reason an erection to fail.


Organic sources of erectile dysfunction


Frequent organic reasons for erectile dysfunction are circulatory problems. Too little blood supply or augmented blood outflow brand erection impossible for the person concerned. Damage to the peripheral or central nervous system can also prevent an erection. Hormonal complaints are also among the classic triggers of erectile dysfunction. Last but not least, injury or changes to the erectile tissue can lead to an erection not happening.


Risk factors that errand organically caused erectile dysfunction include high blood pressure, fatness, herniated discs, alcohol abuse, drug consumption, and nicotine consumption. But diseases such as diabetes mellitus and multiple sclerosis as well as liver and kidney glitches can cause erectile dysfunction.


Psychological sources of erectile dysfunction


If there are no familiar organic causes for erectile dysfunction, the lack of an erection is often psychological. Often it is partnership malfunctions such as a lack of closeness and communication, jealousy, and declining love that are noticeable in the disappointment of an erection. But also stress, existential fear, or exaggerated expectations of you can cause erectile dysfunction.


Very often a fatal spiteful circle is set in motion in this way. Once you have painfully knowledgeable your own “failure”, the fear of repetition grows. The spiral of self-observation, self-doubt, and fear of disappointment leads to the fact that the person worried loses confidence in himself and can no longer find a way out of the condition on his own.


Drugs as a source of erectile dysfunction


It is well recognized that drugs have side effects. Not all side effects necessarily occur in every user. Particularly with medications that have to be taken over a long retro of time, some side effects only become obvious gradually. Often the person affected cannot establish a connection between taking the medication and the indications that arise. The side effect is not documented as such but rather seen as a problem in its own right.


Medicines whose side effects can affect the user's sexuality comprise, for example, arrangements that lower blood pressure, blood fat, and cholesterol, as well as heart, stomach, and tranquilizers. In this respect, doctors often do not clearly point out erectile dysfunction as an imaginable side effect.


In the package insert, the likely erection-inhibiting side effects are described, among other belongings, as falling testosterone level, erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, loss of erection, ejaculation complaint, impotence, infertility, decreased libido, libido disorder, orgasm problems, infertility, decreased sexual desire, reduced testosterone production or reduced sperm production.


If you notice the labelled side effects, you should never stop by means of the drug causing it, but rather consult your doctor. Often, an alternative drug can be prescribed to evade the erection-reducing side effects.


Ineffectiveness is easy to treat today


Which causes multifaceted is ultimately the trigger of the erection problems can often not be clearly strong-minded, because even with clear organic causes there are always psychological factors. The psyche must never be disregarded. Nevertheless, it must be said to all those pretentious that erectile dysfunction is now easily treatable.


Waning men, what now?


Menopause doesn't really exist in men, but with cumulative age, manhood gradually decreases significantly. Scientifically, the declining virility is called the partial androgen deficit of the aging man. The testosterone production reductions and a certain protein in the blood, which traps the free and effective testosterone, are increasingly shaped in the male body. The aging man has to reckon with an upsurge in adipose tissue, lack of drive, hot flashes, reduced muscle strength, depression, loss of libido, and deteriorating potency.


Prevent weakening virility with testosterone


It would be logical in such a case to compensate for the deteriorating manhood simply by cumulative testosterone intake, but only very few remedies contain sufficient amounts to show an effect. There are uncountable ways to absorb missing testosterone, counting capsules like Android, patches, and even injection solutions.


Insufficient quantities, the indications of testosterone deficiency can be clearly reduced. This solution can be extremely useful, particularly for men who suffer from depression or coronary heart disease. Unfortunately, not every man can take benefit from this form of therapy, as certain illnesses are fuelled by additional testosterone. This group includes men with paused living during sleep, enlarged prostates, or polyglobules.


Surprisingly, the success rate for ineffectiveness is relatively low. Only about 10 present of the time, extra testosterone helps men to remedy annoying and unpleasant strength problems. Certainly, it depends on the complex of causes and this differs from man to man.


Beating erection problems is not a good idea


Many men are extremely uncomfortable with such problems, although a relatively large number of men suffer from such difficulties. Although healthy sexuality is very significant for a person's quality of life, only 15 present of affected men turn to a doctor. This could easily be remedied. Even if you suffer from complete impotence, there are effective treatments such as a penis pump with a penis ring.


But the visit to the doctor is significant for another reason because several diseases indicate themselves early through erectile problems. In this way, cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes can be detected and treated early. However, a large number of men do it otherwise and simply order an over-the-counter sexual enhancer on the Internet without referring to a doctor.




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Erectile dysfunction (ED), sometimes known as "impotence," is a condition in which a man is unable to maintain a firm erection long enough for sexual activity.